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Matt Lloyd Mobe – To successfully utilize Facebook for your brand, you need a community that will read and connect with your content. Having a lot of Facebook likes is great, but it’s better to get the “right” kind of likes for your page. These are likes by potential customers who will actually interact with your page on a regular basis, not just fans who only increase the quantity of followers. With the new Facebook news feed algorithm that decreases reach for business pages, it is important that you have quality likes to make sure you are reaching the right audience.

Here Are Some Ways You Can Attract More of the “Right” Traffic to Your Facebook Page:

1) Optimize Your Facebook Page Info

Matt Lloyd Mobe Training Reviews – People will first notice your profile picture, cover image, and short description each time they come across your page. Select clear images that effectively capture the essence of your page and are not likely to be mistaken for anything else. If you are running a food truck, use a clear front view picture, preferably with the counter open and a customer buying some food. Also, write a short direct description that encapsulates what your company does without being generic. This will help customers to easily find your company when they search for businesses like yours.

2) Post Relevant Content

Matt Lloyd Mobe Training Reviews – The content you post should be engaging, entertaining, and most importantly, relevant to the page’s main topic. It does not necessarily have to be solely about what your business does all the time; sometimes, it can even be something unrelated to your business, but still in line with your business’s brand. For example, a food business might share a study about the positive relationship between eating carrots and eye sight. A slightly different topic from their main idea, but still food related. Sharing an article on the development of a new sports car will probably bring car enthusiast to your page, whose interests might not be aligned with food and definitely defeats the purpose of reaching out to your target audience.

3) Isolate Your Content to the Right Audience

Matt Lloyd Mobe Training Reviews – Facebook allows you to choose countries where you want your content shown and where it should be avoided. Choose to show your content in your base country where most of your customers will be present, and regulate your content in countries where your product does not have much relevance, e.g. countries who do not speak English (if your page communicates in English). This will increase the number of quality likes, as well as your reach to a relevant audience.

4) Have Contests with Relevant Prizes

Matt Lloyd Mobe Training Reviews – Contests are a good way to attract traffic to your page, but they might also attract a crowd only interested in the prize with little or no interest in your business. Giving away an iPhone for a contest by a weight management center will attract a crowd interested in the latest smart phones and such, and might miss the true audience of the page; people who want to lose weight.

It also puts you in direct competition with products that aren’t even relevant to your business, e.g. you’ll be competing for traffic with Apple, iPhone vendors, businesses that fix iPhones, etc. Your content will get lost in the masses of iPhone-related content uploaded to search engines daily.

A digital food scale though, will make a great prize for such a page’s contest because it is very relevant to the page’s main concept and people who search for food scales are likely to also search for weight management.

5) Use Facebook Ads

Matt Lloyd Mobe Training Reviews – Facebook advertising tools help target users who will be interested in your products. You can even target users by their frequently used search words, hence you can find an audience that repeatedly searches for topics related to your business.

6) Avoid Buying Likes

A quick Google search will provide you a long list of websites where you can buy Facebook likes. This might be a tempting offer, as you may seem to be going from a 100 to 10,000 likes overnight, but it has no real business value. The importance of likes lies on their quality, not quantity. Bought likes have no quality because most of them are not even real people. Likes from real people will probably have no interest in your product, thus will not engage with your page or even purchase your products, hence the budget on buying likes becomes a complete waste.

In a nutshell, you should only target quality likes from people who will regularly interact with your page and possibly buy your products. A big number of likes has no real value if there is no engagement. Facebook already makes it difficult for you to reach all your followers by showing only a few of your posts to only a select few of them. It becomes increasingly difficult if your page has no engagement, especially with a large following. If you have quality likes, even if it’s only a 25% increase to your total following, you’ll have more chances at reaching out to potential customers.

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