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Mobe Affiliate Program – To which should you promote your MOBE business to: an old, random list or a new, targeted one? The answer is both, and here’s how to handle each.


To which should you promote your MOBE business to: an old, random list or a new, targeted one? The answer is both, and here’s how to handle each.

Smart Use of Leads

People who started their businesses with MOBE have undoubtedly been attending different events for years. They’ve met a lot of people and collected a lot of business cards.

A collection of contact information like that can be a valuable resource if correctly used. Otherwise, it can be a lot of lost opportunities.

I’ve been asked by people, on several occasions, if it would be better to market the MOBE offer to a list they’ve accumulated over the years or to start fresh and create a new list.

You can do both, but don’t treat them the same way.

No Consent = Spam

It was found that 74-84% of all email is spam. That’s about 87 billion spam emails every day, according to the internet security solutions company

An email is considered a spam when the receiver did not enter into an agreement or relationship with the sender. It’s usually that the receivers did not provide the sender his or her email address or did not give permission to contact them.

This means, the receiver has not consented to receive “unsolicited commercial emails”—the sales pitches and advertisements that make up the bulk of spam most people receive.

Spam is just bad manners. No one wanted to receive it and only a few, if any, appreciate it.

So, with your old list and new list, you’d want to make sure that you have the permission to contact them because that’s the only way your message will be received and your offer will be considered.

A New List Has Consented

When you build a new list, the recipient’s consent is needed. It starts with the paid ads you create which target a certain group of people and “speak” a solution to their needs or problems they want to solve.

If they click on the ad, it will be because they want to hear about what you can offer them.

From your ad, they will arrive at your lead capture page which presents your offer. They will decide whether to read your offer or to click away from it. If they like what they see, they will be willing to provide their contact information in exchange for your lead magnet (e.g., ebook, report, exclusive video content, etc.).

Your customers’ “opt-ins” will be collected by your email auto-responder, through which you can send a series of email follow-ups intended to convert these leads into sales.

When these new leads begin to receive your email follow-up sequence, they will recognize them as something they agreed to receive.

This is consensual marketing—there’s consent at every level.

Old List Needs Consent Confirmed or Rekindled

The list of contacts you’ve collected over the years, in case you have one, can’t be handled the same way; you can’t just dump all those email addresses into your auto-responder and start sending them marketing messages. You’ve got to handle them on a one-by-one basis.

The reason is that, especially with really old contacts that are, perhaps, around five or ten years old, you may not actually remember each person, and they might not remember you as well. They will receive your messages, won’t know who they are from and will “spam” them.

This happens because you’re marketing to a list of people who did not consent to it.

So, you need to:

  1. Ensure that each contact is someone you met at an event which would indicate they had an interest in business opportunities, entrepreneurship, etc.
  2. Contact each lead personally and acquire approval for your marketing.

Step 1 should be easy enough if you’ve kept some notes about your leads or have a really good memory. However, Step 2 has more variables to consider.

Some people on your list may be warmer leads than others—people who know you or would likely remember you. Focus on these people, call them up, develop rapport and introduce them to MOBE.

Contacting others on your list might be done using a cold call, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting in touch with them. Remind them of how you met and work your way out to introducing MOBE to them.

Final Thought

Mobe Affiliate Program -With a new list, you know that each person is more or less interested in what you have to say. The worst thing that could happen with people on an old list is that they might say “no,” which is really no different than the “response” you get to spam emails.

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