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Mobe Affiliate Program Tips : You don’t need a name to recognize which company has the golden “M” or the bitten apple as their trademark. Both have become powerful visual elements for the companies they represent. Their effect is so strong that they have been ingrained in about every modern consumer’s mind for years. What is their secret?

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A great logo should tell your customers who you are as a brand with just one look. It’s the face of your business that customers can pull from the top of their mind when thinking about buying your products.

As markets get saturated and competitions rise in every industry, it has become increasingly important to have a logo that leaves a lasting impression. Below are four vital characteristics you should consider to create a great logo.

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1. Simplicity

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips :DesignBuddy analyzed logos of the world’s top brands and concluded that 93% are simple, with an easy design. This makes them memorable and easily recognizable even in very small print or low quality material.

A logo is often the first thing people notice about a brand. Consumers are exposed to thousands of advertisements on a daily basis; all with logos that compete for attention with yours.

To stand out from the advertisement clutter, you need to create a simple yet unique logo that can stick to the customer’s mind. A simple logo features visible, distinct shapes that are not affected by size, print material quality, or medium. Use one to two shapes at maximum with basic colors no more than two. Have only one word incorporated into the design if you must add text.

Your design should be distinct enough not to be mistaken for anything else. For example, Apple’s logo is hardly ever confused with anything else, no matter the size of the image or the color it is printed in.

2. Timelessness

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips :Of course, your business is going to evolve someday. Hence, your logo should stand the test of time. You can tweak your logo, but it’s best to keep it at minimum. Drastic changes to your logo can cause a lot of confusion to your customers, and that can have a negative impact on your business.

A timeless logo is simple, clean and goes beyond trends. The Nike logo, for instance, was created in 1971 but still looks modern and sleek, and it will likely keep looking this way for many decades to come.

3. Versatility

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips :Your business would need to stamp its identity in different materials and for various purposes like business cards, flyers and posters. It would also appear in mobile devices with different screen resolutions, and even make it in magazines, newspapers and billboards with different textures.

Since a logo has a whole lot of different uses, you need to make it adaptable so it could remain recognizable in different settings. Avoid eccentric Photoshop graphic effects like glares, shadows and embossing because they do not print well in mediums like newspapers.

Your logo should always look appealing when printed in any font, color and orientation. It is always advisable to start designing your logo in black and white. Creating your logo design in black and white gives you an idea of how versatile your logo is, because it might not always be printed in color. Also, if your logo is distinct in black and white, it is not likely going to be affected by being printed in a different color.

4. Appropriateness

Mobe Affiliate Program Tips :The graphics, colors and fonts used in your logo should convey the essence of the brand and its message. 93% of consumers site visual perception as a major influencer in their purchase decision. Your logo, as the most prominent visual representation of your brand, will have a major impact on how consumers view your brand, ultimately affecting their decision to buy the product or not.

Design your logo to depict a message that will appeal to your target audience. The Toys “R” Us logo uses a cartoonish font and color scheme that is appealing to children. It gives off a lively, fun and playful appeal that will definitely catch a child’s attention.

A logo does not necessarily need to depict what your company does. Yet, it should be created in a way customers can interpret or relate it to your product or service. For example, Apple Inc. has nothing to do with fruits, but one of the perceptions associated with the logo is the canonical biting of Eve from the fruit of knowledge. It’s a fitting sentiment considering personal computers have opened a world of limitless knowledge to humankind.

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