Matt Lloyd Tips: How to Actually ‘Work’ From Home

Matt Lloyd Tips: The idea of working from home is a very enticing one, especially when you are working for yourself. You get to set you own hours, work from anywhere you want, and even work at your own speed. The MOBE affiliate program gives you an opportunity to work from home and earn great commissions.

matt lloyd tips for home businessThe catch is, you do have to work, and that is what most people struggle with. Many people are used to the idea of a traditional job where they are given instructions and they just follow. When you work for yourself, there is no one pushing you to do work, hence many people tend to slack.

This MOBE training guide will give you two ‘must-do’ ways to push yourself to work on your business and start making commissions.

Have A ‘Work’ Ritual

Do something that gets you in a working mood every morning. You could start off preparing yourself like you are going off to a traditional job. Shower, dress up; even if it’s not a suit and tie, but get out of your pajamas, eat breakfast and be ready for your work day.

It helps to set up your working hours, when you will start, when you will take a break, and when your work day will end. Setting up a workstation also help. Set up a room, or just a small corner in your house, with a table and a comfortable chair. Have all the material you need to work nearby, and spend your work hours at your workstation.

Separate Work from Personal Life

Most people working from home will tell you they work all the time. That’s alright if you can manage your time enough to take breaks and get back to work. If you can’t do that yet, you’ll have to creatively play around with your time. Set a schedule for when you will spend time with family, recreation, exercise, etc.

If you try to solely focus on business every waking moment of your life, you will eventually burnout, which will diminish your productivity.


Working from home sounds like a very easy idea until you actually have to do it. With many distractions, and the lack of someone pushing you to work, it’s easy to slack and not do much work. The two tips above are among the best ways to keep yourself on track with your business from home.

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