MOBE Training: How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

It is very important to grow and increase your conversion rates. High conversion rates are a foundation to high sales volumes, which means bigger earnings for you. The MOBE training guide below shows you two great ways to increase your conversion rates and earn more commission.


  • Make Your Value Proposition Solid

Your conversion rates depend on your value proposition. A value proposition is the primary reason your prospect should buy from you. If your value proposition is not convincing enough to the prospect, they won’t be compelled to respond to your call to action. Make sure you prospect understand what they will gain from purchasing the product you promote, and why they must buy it from you.

For example, you are promoting MOBE training programs alongside other MOBE consultants. In your site, you want to explain the quality training they will get from MOBE products, and to get an edge over other consultants, you want to offer a free book or webinar that relates to the program they bought.

  • Set Up a Sales Funnel

Being too forward can be a turnoff. If you ask for a sale too quickly, you could potentially kill your conversion. People like to browse through, and if the first contact they have with your brand is asking them to buy, they might not be ready.

This is most true especially to non-traditional products like MOBE products. Most traditional business owners are not yet familiar with the concept of digital business training products. The best they know is seminars and workshops if they do attend business training.

To improve your conversion rates, offer them information about digital business training through your blog, website, or emails. Once you become their trusted advisor, show them how business training tools can solve their current problems. Then offer them the MOBE training tools and products you are promoting.


For customers to buy or take any other desired action in your website, they must have a reason to. Your website must explain to them the general information about your products. It then should introduce them to the product and build a relationship with them. People convert better to websites they can trust.

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