MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: Solve the Main Problems Faced by Startups

MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: There are many problems that new businesses face. Most startup owners will complain of the lack of funding first if you ask them about the main problems in business. Funding is, an issue, but companies can learn to work with the funding they have if they learn to face the real main problem that are causal to all other issues.

mobe matt lloyd tips for business startupsThis MOBE Matt Lloyd training guide explains two main problems startups face, and how you can solve them.

Poor Planning

At lot of entrepreneurs get excited about the idea of their business running. They will launch half-baked products and services into the market because they assume the faster they start operating, the faster they can make profit.

Before launching your business, you must carry out a thorough research. Investigate everything; from suppliers to taxes to competitor prices. A slight change in the market trends can cause major effects to your business. Take extra time to study market trends and forecasts for your niche. Create a comprehensive business plan that addresses unexpected changes like a hike in raw material or introduction of new taxes.

Continue to research and plan your business moves as the business grows. Avoid unplanned financial expenses, as this will reduce the business cash flow, which could contribute to business stagnation.

Lack of Specialization

Because funds are so tight, most startup entrepreneurs try to be jack of all trades. They want to manage the finances, make sales, marketing, and the technology, all at the same time.

This means they can’t dedicate any time to a certain part of the business without neglecting the other. On top of that, they obviously can’t have expertise in everything, so at best their company ends up getting mediocre effort in most parts.

Specialization is the key driver of innovation and efficiency, so it very important that you hire dedicated, knowledgeable and experienced professionals in respective areas of your business to achieve maximum results.  When you have the right people doing duties in line with their expertise, they can perform to their full potential, which is very important for your startup.


You can avoid many problems in the business if you tackle the two mentioned here. Plan all your business moves accordingly to avoid unnecessary expenditure. Hire specialized experts who will improve productivity, thus increasing profits, and you will not have to deal with money problems.


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