Tips for Increasing Your Earnings with The MOBE Affiliate Program

When you are already enjoying the high commissions from the MOBE affiliate program, you might be looking for a way to scale up and improve your earnings. Investing into your business and upscaling with the MOBE affiliate program is the first step, as it opens a door to earning higher commissions. Below are two other things that will help you earn more.

mobe affiliate program for increasing the incomeWiden Your Reach

MOBE products are targeted towards small business entrepreneurs, but the problem is that not every one of them use the internet much, especially brick and mortar kind of businesses. Widen your reach from just digital marketing, and invest in some offline marketing campaigns.

Select a niche for small businesses you want to promote to, and come up with a strategy to approach them. For example, you choose your local restaurants to promote MOBE products to. Then you find out how they mostly receive their information. It will likely be snail mail. Then you will also find out their most common business challenges.

Create a strong copy that introduces you and touches on the common business problems. Print it out and mail to their addresses. Add an offer that will make your prospects type in your url and visit your website. For example, offer a free business consultation where you will analyze their business challenges, and offer solutions that can turn those challenges around.

Use Video

If you have been just focusing on providing text content for web and social media, maybe it’s time you consider video marketing. YouTube is one of the biggest video streaming platforms with billions of daily views. It is a great platform to explain the MOBE affiliate program better, because people can hear you talk, versus them reading it. Especially that people just scan through content online, they don’t really read.


To get to the next earning bracket with the MOBE affiliate program, make sure you are well positioned for high commissions. Invest in your business, and widen your prospect base to include more potential customers who might not currently have access to your online content.



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