MOBE Review: Why You Should Define Employee Roles

MOBE Review: Your business productivity level will depend on the efficiency of your employees. One of the most important factors affecting employee efficiency is clarity of their job scope. As more tasks are added to employees’ roles, job scope and roles become blur, and many employees find themselves confused on who does what. This can lead to a lot of wasted time spent negotiating roles, or unfinished tasks that one employee assumed the other was doing, and vice versa.

MOBE Review: Why You Should Define Employee RolesClearly Define the Scope

Employees can perform their tasks better if they know exactly what they are supposed to do, and when. Most employees no longer even know what their job is, new task are added to their scope on a daily basis, and they occasionally have to take on projects that are outside their normal routine.

Have a written job description for every employee. Specify what an employee is expected to do on daily basis, ranking the duties according to priority. Update the job description every time and employee has to permanently add a task to their daily duties. Share the work descriptions of the rest of the team on a common platform so that employees not only know their duties, but understand where their team mates’ duties begin.

A written job description will help avoid confusion on who does what. You’d avoid cases where work is not done because someone thought the other was supposed to do it, or duplicate work done by multiple employees who thought it was among their duties. You will save a lot of time and get more work done in a day when everyone is clear on their responsibilities.


Studies have found that employees are more productive when they have a clearly defined work scope. Teamwork collaborations were also better. To increase production in the workplace, make sure everyone is clear about their roles. Write down the tasks and make sure everyone has access to it. If anything is added to an employee’s daily task, write in into the list so that you can keep track of what everyone is doing.


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