MOBE Matt Lloyd Tips: How to Write Your First E-book

MOBE Matt Lloyd: I wrote my first e-book, I.M. Revolution, in 2011, and I am very proud it. For a long time, it was the front-end offer for MOBE. Though I sold it for $10 and achieved some great, overall revenue numbers, the real money I made was from the customers I acquired through selling it. Having my own product allowed me to make a great income, establish my expertise as an internet marketer, and start my first sales cycle for MOBE.

mobe matt lloyd tips write first e-book

I learned a lot during this experience. And I found that the most important aspect in achieving success would be the amount of time you invest in creating your own product. Here’s what I learned about authoring your first e-book.

Knowledge vs. Interest

How should you approach writing your first e-book? Maybe you’re an expert on how to set up a blog. Should you write about that knowledge? Does your audience care?

The first rule of writing an e-book is to write according to market interest and not just involve your own intelligence and experience. Start by finding out what your market actually wants. If internet marketing is your niche, then your audience might have an interest in learning how to blog—problem, however, that isn’t your approach.

All internet marketers might need to learn about blogging, but what they want is freedom. They want to earn money as quickly as possible through commissions or sales. To them, money equals freedom, no boss, buying nice things and earning a living by working for themselves. That is the end benefit, and that is how you should approach your project.

While many people believe that the topic of your first e-book should be something you know well, the more important thing is providing what your target market needs. Have that in mind when you are writing, and show how, in this example, setting up a blog is a means to that end. If you can deliver on that key benefit, you’ll be giving your readership what they want, and it will make your first e-book a success.

Writing vs. Ghostwriting

Now that you’ve determined what your market needs, how do you accomplish getting the material published? You can write the e-book yourself. This was probably your assumption, but have you ever written at length before? Is writing your expertise? For most, the answers to these questions are “no.”

I’m not necessarily advising you not to write your own book. My first attempt at an e-book came in 2009. I went back to that saved document on my computer a year later and found only one page complete. I got busy or stuck, and other things became a priority. I’m well practiced at writing, but it’s not my expertise.

Avoid getting stuck and try a shortcut: hire a ghostwriter. Many successful people who have authored books have used ghostwriters, so it’s a well-accepted practice. The reason to invest in having someone else write your e-book is the time you can save. Time equals money, and in this case, the sooner you can get your e-book published and utilized as your front-end offering, the quicker you can get customers into your sales funnel.

Another way to get your e-book written as quickly as possible is to record your thoughts on an iPhone or another device, then pay someone to transcribe that recording, and send that transcript to a ghostwriter.

You could also pay a consultant for their time, record the interview with their permission, transcribe the minutes of that interview into print, and give that text to a ghostwriter.

One important thing to remember if you use a ghostwriter or any consultant is that you always get what you pay for, so budget accordingly. Sites like Upwork provide many options to hire freelancers for tasks such as these, and you can always find someone technical and creative to do the job for you.

The Product Is Done, You’re Not

Once you’ve written your e-book, you’re not done. You still have to sell it. And it starts with good sales copy.

I would argue that this step is just as important as the product you just created, and therefore an even greater investment of time or money should be used. Once you’ve finished writing the e-book, a sales letter or video will also have to be created to sell it. In my opinion, the investment of paying a good copywriter who has proven success in this type of specialized writing is crucial.

Next, put the sales letter or video online in a professional way. This means either taking the time or paying someone to create a great first impression in terms of layout and design. First impressions matter, so again, pay for an expert if you can to improve your chances of success.

Final Thought

I am not an expert at everything I attempt, as most people aren’t. When I don’t know how to do something, I hire another trained professional to do it, which saves time. MOBE is made up of more than 200 internet marketers, all with various forms of expertise. Our Diamond Mastermind events bring together this comprised knowledge, to share and train you so you, too, can become successful in the internet marketing niche. In fact, we’ll even give you your own e-book, a final product with your name on it.


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